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Aqui você vai ver FATOS e ASPECTOS curiosos do idioma Inglês. Isso é fundamental para você entender o quanto o Inglês é diferente do Português, porque você deve sempre tentar pensar em Inglês quando usar o Inglês, e como fazer isso.

The sound of 'i'

'I' has four individual sounds in English, besides hybrid sounds together with other vowels and consonants. The other vowels also have multiple sounds

on - off

The origin of 'active' and 'inactive' conditions of all electric and electronic apparatuses came from the prepositions 'On' and 'Off' in English.

'He', 'she' & 'it'

In Portuguese, there are 2 genders: 'Masculine' and Feminine'. In English we have three genders: Masculine, Feminine and Neutral.

Gas? or Fuel?

'Gas station' is the name in the US for the facility that sells fuel. 'Gas' is an abbreviation for 'gasoline'. Non-liquid gas is not sold at these places.

open your mind
think out of the box

Every human being has the instinct to communicate. Languages are systems developed by people who came before us. Everything in languages is undergoing constant change. So, what we learn from traditional mechanisms not necessarily will be the norm forever. You have to be free to create your own form and style of communication. Here, you will find freedom and motivation to do exactly that. Check out paradoxes in the language. Question traditional beliefs that may not hold water. Discover what ‘is’ and not what ‘they say is’ or the ‘it’ that should be. 

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