Project: Let’s change the name ‘PREPOSITIONS’ – VOTE – #YourOpinionMatters

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Project: Let’s change the name ‘PREPOSITIONS’ – VOTE – #YourOpinionMatters


‘Parts of speech’ are individual parts of the English language, like adjectives, nouns, pronouns, etc. I prefer to call them ‘elements’.

Anyone who has gone through some academic grammatical instruction in any language knows what ‘nouns’, ‘adjectives’, ‘adverbs’, etc. are and what they are used for.

‘Prepositions’ are the only ‘elements’ that don’t have specific classifications but are usually the most strategic parts of the sentence.

When you change a preposition, you change:

  • The idea of the sentence
  • The intention of the SUBJECT to perform the action, and,
  • The consequence of the action.

That’s why I DO NOT ACCEPT that in a sentence, an ‘element’ so important as this is classified with just a mention of its ‘position’ in relation to the OBJECT or NOUN – ‘pre’.

I invite suggestions from one and all. You can make a difference in the language – Vote!

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